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Jeffrey B. Pafford, D.M.D., M.S.
Patient Testimonials
This has been the best experience I have ever had with any medical office.  Dr. Pafford and everyone of his staff members have been a extremely easy and pleasant to interact with.  I have been treated with the utmost professionalism and  courtesy.  So far, I have had two appointments with Dr. Pafford.  Both times I was seen on-time.  Dr. Pafford performed two root canals.  Having heard so many horror stories about the pain associated with this type of treatment I was to say the least apprehensive.  Following both procedures, I took only one aspirin tablet.  This speaks to Dr. Pafford’s skill and dedication to doing only the finest work.  I can provide no higher recommendation. Yours is an exemplar of how medical practices should operate.

Edgar L.

I was referred to Dr. Pafford as one of Atlanta's best, if not the best.  It was a great experience from initial contact to schedule an appointment until the permanent filling.  
Saving a tooth is never fun, but, as tooth repair is concerned, it was a great experience.  By the way, Dr Pafford and his assistant work so well together, I was at ease at all times while in the chair ... just an all round good experience. 
Bryce E.

I would like to thank you for the exceptional care you have provided to me.  Dr. Pafford and all his staff are so kind, caring, and professional.  Right away I was treated with the highest level of kindness and respect and that wonderful treatment continued all the way through all the appointments.  I especially appreciated the way Dr. Pafford took the extra time to explain to me what was going to happen and review the x-rays with me.  It made me feel at ease and trust that I was receiving the best care possible.  Plus the follow-up calls from Michelle were so thoughtful and helpful.  I only wish there were more professionals in the world like you at Pafford Endodontics.  Thank you so much and highest regards,

Barbara C.

Dr. Pafford and Staff,

When I was first referred to you and checked out your website, I was amazed and ever so slightly skeptical about the number of positive testimonials about the level of your services.  I found it surprising that so many people would have taken the time to share so many positive compliments about their experience- considering your specialty and why they needed to visit you in the first place!

Well, now having now spent time with you and your team, I can honestly say I get why!  My visits with you were just the highest quality experience- you far surpassed my expectations!  Your team is so courteous and caring.  Your office and processes are state of the art and efficient.  But, most importantly, it is evident what an incredible doctor you are.  You diagnosed the situation, gave me comfort about the proposed approach, explained things simply, calmly and thoroughly.  Your poise and compassionate approach made me so much more relaxed than I ever thought I could be.  And from the moment I left your office I was pain free!

I don't really want to have another root canal-- but I have told anyone I know that if they get one, I know exactly who they need to see!!  You are simply outstanding and I had to take a moment to send a big "THANK YOU" back to you and your team for being so terrific!!  Thanks so very much.

Pam K.

I never dreamed that having a root canal could be a pleasant experience.  Most people fear the pain that might be associated with a root canal, but honestly I did not feel anything.  From the moment I walked in the door at Pafford Endodontics, Dr. Pafford and his team made me feel totally at ease.  Everyone there was professional, personable, and courteous.  The view of the Atlanta skyline while having the procedure was an added bonus.  I immediately discovered why my primary care dentist, who referred me to Pafford Endodontics, had so much confidence in them.  He knew I was in good hands.  Dr. Pafford is the best endodontist I have known.  He showed me the x-rays and explained everything as he went along.  That is comforting to the patient.  Dr. Pafford is meticulous, thorough, and does excellent work.  I simply cannot say enough good things about Dr. Pafford, his assistant, and it was an extremely good experience, and I will definitely go back there if I need a root canal.  

Aldrich S.

Dear Dr. Pafford, Michelle, and Staff:

My experience with your office and my treatment was exemplary.  I feel that I was given the utmost in excellent dental care as well as courteous follow-up on my procedure.  The process of having my root canal performed was much less burdensome than I had imagined, and that is due to the great treatment I received.  I will certainly recommend your office to my family and friends.

William S.

Dr. Pafford:

A special thanks to you and your great staff for my recent evaluation and endodontic procedure.  Your administrative and technical staffs were highly professional and very accommodating to work with me and my busy schedule.  The procedures went well and the results are excellent. I plan to recommend you and your staff to my colleagues or my own patients who need any endodontic procedures.

Sincerely yours,

Paul F.


Dr. Pafford,

I called [my dentist] after my first appointment with you to tell her how great you and your staff were and to thank her for sending me to your office.  I appreciated the cleanliness of the treating environment and the professionalism of all your staff with whom I came in contact.  Michelle was the first and she was GREAT!  Most of all I appreciate the fact that on both occasions you guys were right on time.  As for the procedure, I would HIGHLY recommend you to anybody who needed a root canal and have provided the same feedback to [my dentist].


Michael B.


Dear Dr. Pafford and Staff,

My recent visit to your office was indeed a pleasurable experience.  Everyone with whom I came in contact was very professional, friendly, and polite.  I would recommend you to anyone who may be in need of the services you provide.

Best regards,

Jeff D.


I was very pleased with Dr. Pafford and the latest technology at his practice. Dr. Pafford and his staff provided excellent service.  I will definitely recommend them to anyone needing endodontic work.

Schlomo K.


Dear Dr. Pafford, Michelle, and all the Staff!

Thank you for a great job on my two root canals recently!  I appreciate the fact that I feel SO much better!  There is very little pain at all!  I'm on NO pain killers!  Wow!  I will refer you to anyone who needs this done!

All the best,

Doug G.



Dr. Pafford was outstanding and explained my procedure step-by-step.  His staff was also very helpful and provided great customer service.  I would love to do business with them again.  Thanks!

Will E.


From start to finish, my visit to Pafford Endodontics was a pleasure.  In my experience, the professionalism, courtesy and expertise of both Dr. Pafford and his staff are unsurpassed.

Thanks so much!

Mary F.

Thank you so much.  I must tell you I had a great experience as your patient.  I was so impressed with the practice.

The online forms were great, easy to use and saved everyone time.  When I walked in the door I was greeted by name and immediately felt more relaxed. The "check the box to complete the forms" in the office was easy and the young lady who assisted me gave me great directions and let me go.  Your charming assistant took my x-rays and was gentle, kind and efficient.  She took the time to explain the radiation difference in these x-rays vs. the older kind.

Dr. Pafford, you showed me exactly what was going on and explained everything in a way that I clearly understood my options.  The procedure from start to finish was painless and very fast.

Thank you so much for your kindness.

Clare B.


You've got to feel great about an endodontist if, like me, you nap during a root canal!  I've recommended Dr. Pafford to friends and family, and am completely happy with his work, his attitude, and his efficiency.  Great work!

Jessica H.


I am happy to promote Pafford Endodontics, and have been very satisfied with the many aspects of the service.  Dr. Pafford is very open with the procedures, and takes all the time that is needed to explain treatments-- what will be involved, how long it will take, the rationale for the treatment, and possible pain afterwards-- and answers all questions thoughtfully and fully.  They provide goggle-like sunglasses and the experiences of the root canals (two now!) were painless and almost other-worldly.  The dental assistants are attentive, and the office staff are extremely helpful in recovering insurance reimbursements; my checks arrived before the treatments were complete.

I highly recommend Pafford Endodontics for dental surgery.

Susan P.


The atmosphere is relaxing; professionalism and friendliness were evident from beginning to end.  If I had another endodontic dental problem, I wouldn't think of going anywhere else for treatment.



Everyone in your office was friendly, courteous and professional.  I felt like I was being treated by friends.  After the first visit, I had no pain after the pain medication wore off, and had no problems at all during the time between appointments.  The second appointment went as smoothly as the first... saying all of this understand I have had residual fears of dental work and dentists since I was a child.  You and your staff have gone a long way in eliminating this fear.  I enjoyed meeting all of you, and if I ever need another root canal, rest assured I will come to you as well as recommend you all to anyone who asks for great endodontic work.  

Tom S.


Your care was first class.  I was not a scheduled patient, but you still took the time to assist me in my dental emergency, and you did so with care and professionalism.  I will be a patient for life.  The staff was also very kind and very professional.  I arrived in so much pain, but when I left, I was pain free, and that was amazing.  The word root-canal already stirs up pain and fear, and I would not wish that on anyone, but if it needs to be done, you guys are the ones to do it.  I would not go anywhere else.  I also told my wife that there is a great view of the Atlanta skyline you can see while in the chair.  You guys are top-notch.

Thanks again,

Marvin S.


My visit and treatment at your office was as pleasant as anyone could expect a root canal to be.  The staff are wonderful and your office is so calming.  The doctor was very thorough in explaining what the procedure would encompass and answered all my questions without hesitation.  I am very pleased with the result.

Linda S.

Pafford Endodontics is a high quality, modern facility which provides the ultimate in endodontic care.  I was immediately impressed with Dr. Pafford and his staff.  The Staff are a lovely, professional group of women who go out of their way to make you feel at ease during your visit and are gracious enough to follow up afterwards to check on your status.  Dr. Pafford is an extremely conscientious and thoughtful endodontist.  He not only takes the time to listen to his patients' concerns, but also outlines, in detail, their various therapeutic options and works alongside them in making them an integral part of their decision making process.  In addition to being extremely bright and skillful, Dr. Pafford is a very kind and gentle man who is honest and unpretentious.  His dedication to his patients is manifested in the way he makes himself readily available to accommodate them.  As a physician who works in the medical field, I can attest to the fact that it is rare to meet a healthcare provider who is as talented, compassionate, and committed as Dr. Pafford.

Dolly S., M.D.


 I appreciate the reminder phone calls and calls when there has been a cancellation, offering me a different option for my appointments.  Dr. Pafford is always prompt, courteous, and professional.  He always explains completely what he is doing or going to do, and puts me at ease.  Each time I have come in for a procedure, I have received a follow-up phone call making sure I was okay and not in pain or discomfort.

Becky E.


Everyone in the office at Pafford Endodontics was very friendly and helpful.  Michelle helped out so much with my concerns regarding insurance and reimbursement.  Dr. Pafford answered all my questions.  I really appreciated that Michelle gave me a call to check on me to see how I was doing after my first appointment.  I would recommend their office to anyone.  It was nice to have an appointment and not have to wait an hour in the waiting room.  The staff was ready when I arrived! 


Arica S.

Dr. Pafford and his staff's skill, expertise and caring attitude help ease the patient's anxiety and experience.  The office is nice and clean and the provided parking ticket is very much appreciated! 

Best regards,

Cheryl S.

I was very impressed with everything in your office.  Your staff couldn't have been nicer, and I think Dr. Pafford is tops!!  If I ever need this type of dentistry, I will definitely contact your office.  Thank you so much!

Sherry D.

My experience with Dr. Pafford was comforting.  He delivered news that wasn't what I wanted objectively, clearly, and with compassion.  He took time and patience to determine my problem and offer the best possible treatment.  He was very prepared for my appointment and his genuine care is obvious.  After my years of experience with his father, my expectations were very high.  Dr. Pafford exceeded my expectations.  I felt that I had conferred with "dental brilliance."

Lana E.

As a European person without too much experience in this field, I can say that I was extremely well taken care of.  No pain during or after treatment, very well-dosed anesthesia, state of the art technology, very nice personnel.  Although I would rather not come see you, I really enjoyed the experience.  I would recommend people without hesitation!!!

Stephanie H.


 My experience with Dr. Pafford and his staff was excellent.  They were very thoughtful and friendly.  I was put at ease by the way he told me each thing he was going to do before he did it, and I was never in any pain.  He seemed very efficient and professional and was an overall good experience for me.  I would highly recommend him to anyone and will if given the chance.  Thank you again for your work.

Jo Ann J.


You are a great practice and I will recommend you to everyone I hear needs endodontic care.  I really can't believe I had so much pain before and absolutely none after.  Michelle, I also appreciate all your help in getting me into great care.  Thanks to all of you.   All that I can say is that if all dental procedures were as painless and comfortable as yours, no one would have any concerns about going to the dentist.  Thank you for making the process so relaxed and comfortable.  PAIN FREE is great!

Ken D.

I wanted to say thank you for all that you did!  It really was a great experience and everyone was really nice to both my mom and me.  Even though it took two trips, it made my life a whole lot easier and less painful.  It was definitely worth it. Once again, thank you all!

Trish F.

Friendly staff, prompt service, no surprises.  A+ rating!

Walid N.

I thought y'all were great.  Quick, efficient, no waiting and no pain (a big plus, as I am "allergic" to pain).

Larry B.

I am so glad that [my dentist] recommended Dr. Pafford for my root canal.  It was completely painless, very professional, and I will be recommending Pafford Endodontics to friends.

Leonie M.

No one expects a visit to the endodontist to be pleasant, and my apprehension was especially high since the patient was my 13-year-old daughter with two dead front teeth after a basketball injury.  But every aspect of our experience with your office was as positive as anyone could expect when the subject is root canals.  From the initial consultation to our final (we hope!) visit, we were treated with professionalism and courtesy.  Perhaps the highest praise any endodontist can earn is to say that my daughter literally fell asleep in the middle of her initial root canal procedure, awakened by Dr. Pafford's gentle reminder to keep her mouth open.  Our initial anxiety was completely dissipated, and it was a relief to me that she has never expressed any concern about the necessary return visits.  To the contrary, we are grateful for your excellent work in saving and whitening her teeth.  We appreciate all the time Dr. Pafford took to answer our many questions and his calm reassurances about the outcomes we could expect.  Likewise, Michelle did an excellent job with scheduling and communication, patiently assisting with billing and insurance issues and making us feel at ease.  My hope is that you never lose the personal touch that made an otherwise stressful situation as stress-free as possible.  I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone in need of endodontic care.  Thank you!

Kelly K.

Please let me take a moment to comment about my experience with Pafford Endodontics.  I was referred to Dr. Pafford's practice by my regular dentist when it became apparent that I needed a root canal.

Over the years, I had heard horror stories about root canals and how invasive and painful they could be.  It was only because of the pain I was feeling that I made the appointment with Pafford Endodontics.

When I called to make the appointment, Michelle took the call and set up the appointment.  My appointment was scheduled so that I was only in pain a matter of hours, not days.  And the paperwork necessary from me as a new patient was done online and was totally convenient and easily completed.  I did not even have to print anything out-- it was all done via secure email!

Upon arriving at the office, I was immediately made to feel welcome.  The wait to see Dr. Pafford was non-existent, too.  It was as if they were waiting for me to just walk in.  While the waiting room is very comfortable, the patient rooms are incredible!  The patient rooms are large and the windows offer the most beautiful panorama of downtown and midtown Atlanta!

The staff is totally professional and friendly.  The assistant who worked with Dr. Pafford ushered me into the patient room and everything was ready for the root canal to begin.  When I met Dr. Pafford for the first time, I was immediately put a ease.  He spent a few minutes consulting with me about what was about to happen, and then as the procedure moved along, he told me everything that he was doing.

Possibly the most surprising thing to me was the state-of-the-art equipment that Dr. Pafford uses.  He employs a "microscope" (which isn't like the typical microscope used in biology labs) that allows him to pinpoint with incredible accuracy the problem.  On my first visit for the root canal, the drilling was completed, a medication was put in place to eliminate the infection, and a temporary filling was put in the tooth-- all in a timely fashion!  Equally important was that there was no pain whatsoever.

The follow-up visit a month later was something that I really did not think about.  After the experience of the first part of the root canal, I know that I had nothing to fear, that I would feel no pain, and that I would be treated totally well.  That's exactly what happened, too.  I now have a completed root canal with an implanted post that will strengthen the damaged tooth and a permanent filling.

To wrap this up, I have nothing but superlatives to say about Dr. Pafford and his entire staff.  While no one ever wants to have a root canal, it was not nearly as bad an experience as I had anticipated.  Dr. Pafford and Pafford Endodontics is definitely #1!

Bill W.

I am a 100% service-connected disabled veteran.  I served my country without compromising my allegiance to the American Flag and the principles of the code of the military.  I served faithfully, proudly, valiantly, and diligently.

I am writing to thank you for your professional services.  I have had five root canals, three of which were performed by you and your staff.  You and your staff have made each visit enjoyable.  You and your staff explained each step and were exceptionally caring to contact me following each procedure and appointment.

The professional services you provide are truly of benefit.  It is said that referrals are the greatest expressions of gratitude; therefore, I will refer veterans and others to you when they are in need of the services of an endodontist.

Elijah G.

Dr. Pafford,

I think you and your staff did an outstanding job on my recent root canal.  This includes you, your assistants, and the office personnel. 

There are no suggestions I have for improvement, although I would just as soon not see you again if you know what I mean.

Tim N.

Dear Pafford Folks,

I wanted to let you know how greatly I appreciate your services.  From the moment I walked in the door, no, actually from the moment I talked on the phone with your darling front desk girl, I knew you were a special group.

After meeting Dr. Pafford, I can indeed say unequivocally that you guys rock!  Dr. P. is so kind, sweet, and professional.  The dental assistants are also so very courteous.  The interaction in the entire office is very smooth, easygoing, and professional!

Thanks so much for making my root canal almost (yeah, right) fun.  I actually went to sleep during a root canal.  That should tell you how great the dentist is.

It's not my great goal to go to the dentist, but if I have to go, Dr. Pafford is the one who I am going to!  You are all really so very cool.  Thanks again.

Sara Lee S.

Thank you so much!  Your services were wonderful especially while I was in pain.  I also appreciate the phone calls after every visit to check on how things were going.  God bless and I wish your organization well!!!!

Joi S.

 Your staff was extremely professional and cordial.  Dr. Pafford's friendly manner put me at ease as he did his thorough, clear explanation of my condition and its possible remedy.  I happen to be a patient who likes to know in detail the options available to me.  The large screen x-rays and digital photos of my problem area afforded me a full understanding of his diagnostic procedure.  Even though it was revealed that my condition will require more aggressive oral surgery to be performed by another specialist, I left your office confident that I had received excellent value.  Thank you.

Richard D.

 Very professional with state of the art equipment and treatment.  Dr. Pafford and his staff are a warm, friendly, and caring team.

Bonnie B.

 Dr. Pafford:

Thank you again for your wonderful attention to my troubled tooth.  The pain and corresponding headaches are gone.  I would highly recommend you to anyone who needs your help.  Thank you again.

Greg M.

My experience was so good, it makes me want to get another root canal.  Thank you for the care that you gave to me.

Marshall C.

Your practice gave me my first experience with modern medicine.  What I mean by that is, I really appreciate the online registration, digital imaging, and online access to my patient history and visit reports.  My only question is why isn't every medical office moving out of the dark ages?  Your staff is also very friendly and pleasant to work with.  Keep up the nice work.

Ted M.

Dear Dr. Pafford,

Thank you so much for the excellent care you gave me!  From getting me in quickly for a root canal to the wonderful way you and your staff treated me (when I was not pleasant to be around), it was a wonderful experience.  I feel much better now and will see you again.

Lauren R.

Dr. Pafford and his staff are wonderful: Skilled professionals with the most advanced technology, but also warm, caring, and compassionate. I am an anxious dental patient, and had never had a root canal before. So, I was quite nervous at my first appointment, but was reassured by my interactions with both Dr. Pafford and his excellent staff (the office personnel and the dental assistant). When I returned for the procedure, Dr. Pafford was calm and supportive throughout the process, and explained everything I wanted to know. It was clear to me that he truly cares about his patients! Furthermore, he and his staff were a phone call away if I had had any problems afterward, which was important to me because I was traveling out of state. But, I had no problems whatsoever, and did not even need to take any pain medication. I have already recommended Dr. Pafford to friends!

Cindy H.

 The entire experience at Pafford Endodontics was a pleasure.  Administration, assistants, and Dr. Pafford were kind, supportive, empathetic, and informed.  This eased much of my anxiety about the procedure.  Thank you for your outstanding care.


Craig N.

My first root canal got plenty of horror stories prior to my visit.  My stress level was off the charts the morning of my appointment.  All of my anxiety was relieved the moment I walked into the beautifully appointed office.  Everything was pleasant and CLEAN.  The staff is professional and warm.  I have never experienced that combination before.  I like it!  The doctor is professional, yet kind and so very patient!  I had very little discomfort after both my visits and I found my endodontist.  Thank you, Pafford Endodontics!

Cynthia T.

Just a note to say that I appreciated your professional, caring approach.  I had had a previous root canal years ago with another practice and the experience wasn't half as positive an experience.  Your office was spotless, you seemed to have state of the art technology and gave me a real sense that you knew what you were doing...something I didn't get the previous time.  The whole experience was as pleasant as a root canal can possibly be!  Thank you!

Ann C.

Thank you all so much for being the wonderful medical professionals that you are.  From being punctual for appointments to being flexible and fitting me in when I was in pain, to taking the time to listen to me and explain procedures.  You did it all with such care and tenderness.  Thank you.

Kimberly R.

Dear Dr. Pafford and Staff,


Thank you for the wonderful care I received in your office.  From the time I called to make my appointment until I was checking out, everyone was extremely nice, friendly, and professional.  Everything was explained and I had the opportunity to ask questions without feeling rushed.  And it was totally painless.  You have a wonderful staff and a beautiful, comfortable office.  Thank you again for my excellent care.

Donna S.

I would like to thank Dr. Pafford and his entire staff for making me feel at ease about my root canal.  I had never had a root canal and was scared to death.  His staff reassured me that he was a wonderful endodontist and that the experience wouod not be a bad one.  I am happy to say that it was a very positive experience!  Dr. Pafford took his time explaining the procedure and made me very comfortable.  He tells you the entire time exactly what he is doing and constantly checks for any sign of pain.  I did have pain after the root canal, but Dr. Pafford made sure that I knew exactly what to expect as far as pain.  His office called the next morning to see how I was doing and if I needed anything.  I returned in one month to finish the root canal and everyone was just as nice and reassuring.  No pain at all.  I highly recommend Dr. Pafford and his entire staff.  Each and every one are outstanding.

Lanie M.

Dear Dr. Pafford,

It was a pleasure meeting you and your staff.  The entrance into your office is very welcoming and a comfortable area to sit while waiting.  Your staff is very professional and helpful when needed.  As I mentioned when meeting you, this was the most advanced dentist's office I have ever experienced.  It was very helpful to be able to see the pictures on the large screen while you were explaining the problems seen and what the options might be for correcting the problem.  All in all, it was a very positive experience.

Pat P.



Your office was wonderful!  I have to say, this may make you laugh, but each time I came to your office and you worked on my tooth, I kept falling asleep in the chair while getting a root canal.  Who does that?  I was comfortable and there was no pain involved.  Thank you for that!  I will be recommending and returning, if I need to, to your office for future work.

Cindy M.

You and your staff are incredible!  Who knew a root canal could be so pleasant.  I've had many root canals in my 62 years, but you are by far the best endodontist I have ever had work on me.  I would recommend you to everyone I know.

Sherry A.

To Dr. Pafford and his office staff,

Thanks so much for such a pleasant experience.  I have had virtually no pain since my procedure with Dr. Pafford.  His staff is also very accommodating with scheduling as I have small children and work.  I would recommend Dr. Pafford to anyone.  Thanks!

Ginger H.

 Dear Dr. Pafford and Staff:

When I first saw you in February 2011, I was so impressed by the pleasant office and your professionalism all the way around.  Most importantly, though, is the positive clinical outcome I experienced, for which I am deeply grateful.  On short notice I was able to see you, following a rapid pain onset and referral by my dentist; and thanks to you and your great care, I'm fully recovered and back to business.  Thank you so much for outstanding professional service including your wonderful staff support; and please be assured I will refer anyone I know needing an endodontist to you.

With best regards,

Jim M.

Dr. Pafford and Staff,

Once again, your care and personal attentiveness is outstanding, from Michelle at the front desk to Dr. Pafford and his assistant.  Michelle not only reminds you of your upcoming appointment, but also follows through the day after it to see that all is going well and that you are having no discomfort.  Dr. Pafford puts you immediately at ease and explain each step of the process before beginning.  The gentle ways and calm demeanor leave you with total confidence in their abilities and expertise.  I recommend them to anyone who needs any type of endodontic work.  If Dr. Pafford is not on your regular dentist's "A" list, ask about having him put there.  Thanks again.

Jonny C.

I can honestly say that this was the most comfortable experience I have ever had in receiving root canal treatment.  Dr. Pafford did a great job in prep as well as follow up in my care.  His staff was wonderful and genuinely caring.  I felt great each time I left his office.  No pain or swelling existed and I was able to return to a full day of work afterwards.  Thank you, Dr. Pafford and Staff, for your outstanding service.  My sincerest thanks to all.

Teresa A.

Dear Dr. Pafford and Staff,

Thank you for making the experience at your office a pleasant and caring one.  One does not always get the caring, professional, pleasant experience as much as I had with your office.  I am very grateful for that, so thank you!

Teresa B.

 Dear Dr. Pafford,

Nobody does want a root canal, but if you need one, I would not hesitate to recommend you.  The staff in your office were very pleasant and helpful!  I would rate my experience as a 10 out of 10!  I appreciate all of your expertise and high tech equipment as well as the kindness of you and your staff.  Thank you for helping me!

Sally M.

 Is it possible not to feel dreary at a dental office?  I must say it is when I went to see Dr. Pafford for my root canal treatment today.  And it was not because of the breathtaking view of downtown Atlanta skylines over the sea of green trees against the deep blue sky from his 9th floor office in downtown Decatur.  It certainly helps as you can get your mind off of what's coming up next sitting in that chair, admiring the views with the staff.  But it was because of his skill, professionalism, and personality that made my treatment so easy.  He's equipped with the newest technology and explained to me exactly what he was going to do before the treatment and what he had done after it was over using a computer screen in front of you.  During the treatment of 75 minutes I was relaxed every minute.  I must say he is excellent.  His dental assistant is a professional.  His staff is keen and friendly.  I should have known.  My wife was cared for by Dr. Pafford several months ago and she assured me he's one of the best.

Toshi K.

Dr. Pafford was recommended to us by the dentist I have been going to for over 30 years.  We were very impressed by him.  He obviously cared about the health of my son and not about making money off the procedure.  I will recommend him highly to anyone who needs these specialized services.  And his staff was wonderful as well.

Katherine D.

Thank you so much for your sincere concern for my well-being when I was obviously in pain.  The entire office is so warm and helpful.  I have been treated twice by Dr. Pafford and can honestly say that the one hour and 45 minute drive is well worth it.  I won't go anywhere else.  Any time I have an acquaintance in need of dental work, I always tell them about your office.  Thanks again for making a difficult situation easier.

Cindy H.

Excellent care and attention by outstanding professionals, and very impressive information and treatment technologies.  Appointments were always prompt, professional, and even fun.  Definitely more fun than a root canal.


Mark B.

Simply stated...Superior delivery of patient care.


Myra P.

Dear Everyone at Pafford Endodontics:

I had a very good experience at Pafford Endodontics.  In the beginning, I was nervous about having a root canal, not knowing what to expect, but Dr. Pafford and the rest of his staff were so caring and calming during the whole procedure, which, in turn, made me feel calm.  Dr. Pafford was very reassuring that everything would be fine and that there would not be any pain.  How happy I was when I discovered he was right!  Also, I was made to feel special and that my care was the most important thing.  I am very pleased with the results.

Thank you all at Pafford Endodontics for making my experience a very pleasant one.

Vivienne O.

Thanks to everyone at Pafford Endodontics for their friendly and professional care when I needed a root canal.  My son and dentist has implied that I am not his easiest patient, but I was impressed with the skill and concern showed by Dr. Pafford and all his staff.  It is the highest professional compliment when a colleague refers his family to your care.  I am glad that my son recommended that I come to you.


Alice R.

Dear Dr. Pafford,

First, I want to thank you for being willing to review emailed x-rays of my patients and help me to help them, many times without them having to make a trip to your office.  That is a great service to my patients without remuneration.  This week I emailed you x-rays of six cases that needed retreatment, all of which were an endodontic mess.  It made me wonder: what percentage of your practice is treating endodontic mistreatments?  I believe that several of these six teeth will eventually have to be extracted due to poor endodontics.  Three of these cases were treated by other endodontists and are a complete mess and are probably not fixable.  I quit doing endodontics on molars and many other difficult single rooted teeth approximately 15 years ago because I realized how difficult successful endo treatment can be.  Anyway, I want you to know that I appreciate the thoughtful, exquisite care that you give to all of our patients.

Marion P.

I had a particularly lovely experience coming to your practice much nicer than I expected, given that I came to you for a root canal which is usually not considered a good precursor for a lovely experience.  I especially appreciated Dr. Pafford's patience and compassion since I had a very poor experience last time I had a similar procedure at a different practice and his entire staff reflected his kindness.  

I especially appreciated the time taken to explain the dental process with me.  While I would never hope to need another root canal, if I were to need another, I would look forward to seeing you.  If I were ever asked, I would heartily refer your clinic to anyone.  Thank you.

Sandra M.